probably in my top 5 bands ever! i love the way CC makes me feel &
i think i could listen to them forever and never get bored. P.S.
fuck ethan kath!


throw up in your plate
look angelical
if you sleep before i arrive
i'll pray for you my girl
a flower on fire
and i will always let you down


against all progression
become a possession
never learn your lesson


i know what you hate
so i do it constantly


i've wasted my days, as i've wasted my nights,
and i've wasted my youth

i think deftones are the coolest guys ever and i love them lots.
i'm currently in the midst of a deftones phase and they
make little luna so happy !!! here r some of my faves :)


in spite i want to lie
in spite i will lie


i won't stop following you
now help me pray for
the death of everything new
then we'll fly further


dying of boredom
i'll try it all

nicole my angel!!! i'm not gonna write about her since i have a
whole page dedicated to her but !! shes so special to me, my favorite 4ever
and has been there for me w her music everyday


he raised my hands in the backyard
he taught me to be a good shot
you love the sound of sorry
even when you know i am not,
i am not


and the next time you hit
i hit back
do you hear that, motherfucker?
can you dig that?


oh, my love
my darling, can't you see?
there's nothing you can
take from me

lana is my fave artist ever just becuz she has been there for me
thru like everything since 2018. her music will always have a special
place in my heart!! :)


he's got the fire and he walks with it
he's got the fire and he talks with it
his Bonnie on the side, Bonnie on the side
makes me a sad, sad girl


i put the radio on
hold you tight in my mind
isn't strange that you're not here with me


but warm is the body of the girl from the land he loves
my heart is soft
my past is rough


you write, i tour, we make it work
you're beautiful and i'm insane
we're American-made

billy corgan is such a great songwriter and i love him very much
besides him being a dick. this band is very important to me.


i'll hear your song
if you want me to


i am made of shamrocks
i am made of stern stuff
i am never enough
i am the forgotten child


you're all i notice
in a crowded room